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-Our Mission-

Provide superior consultation services connecting Corporate culture, through vision, to market.

-Our Story-

IMG was started back in 2004 in Potomac Falls, Virginia. The initial company concept was to help individuals (small businesses) create models which merged the latest in 21st century enterprise, investment, and emerging business concepts. At the time, there were many up-and-coming small to mid-size businesses trying to utilize large conceptual modeling which unfortunately hindered their cultures and business expansion. We saw the trends and niche, which motivated us to start Innov8n Marketing Group. And back then helping the individuals who make a Corporation grow truly was a great start. Now, with incredible mind blowing technologies, new burgeoning AI, the internet of things including smart everything, these advanced shifts have allowed us new opportunities to help craft the visions, missions, and overall changes in our current clientele. The growth we see in the ever-changing marketplace is just the beginning of the infinity we foresaw and symbolized by using the number 8 (sign of infinity) in our name Innov8n (Innovation) Marketing. Shaping the next century comes by helping companies achieve more today.


-Our CEO-

Liza drives IMG’s strategic vision and manages daily operations.  Before Innov8n, Liza was involved in several startups and corporate mergers both in the Bay Area and on the East Coast. Her focus & passion is on data acquisition and back-end architecture/infrastructure. The ability to recruit high talent whether in tech, or at executive levels makes for the most powerful, flexible and hand-on experience to all our clients.


Who. We. Are. 

Fluid. Mobile. Edgy. Resourceful. On-time. 

I need just a few words describing the team's surefire capabilities: Our consultants at IMG come from an impressive range of backgrounds and education. Our team's diversity assists us in finding the best solution for your company's success. Coming from a variety of disciplines and career paths, we ensure a fresh approach to your positive outcome. When the idea, concept, or direction is generated and settled, we produce a strategy to make it work. We won’t rest until you rest.  Your satisfaction is our guarantee.


-A Quick Word-

" I am not a one man show, nor a one trick pony. The fluidity to expand has made my company nimble and refractive. If a contract needs 20 graphic designers for the project, I open my little black book and make the calls. I have learned to never under estimate the size of your company because I know the hidden capabilities of mine." 

Liza Rickard

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Our ramp up process is designed  to empower your teams and outfit them with the tools they need to  succeed. Talk to us today about how we can support your growth, limit  your turnover, and put you on a solid track to success and profit.

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